A letter from one of our VERY satisfied customers

A letter from one of our VERY satisfied customers:

“Customers and consumers regarding
Allegheny York co.
As the leader of my company Penn-mar Wilbert burial vault co. I am given the privilege of making executive decisions for the company based on many things “efficiency” being one of the biggest and most important.
When it comes to our product which we manufacturer ourselves quality is key, however to maintain this quality having good operational equipment comes first, we use a site ready style mixer truck that is no longer made and unfortunately requires everything to be custom made or fitted. We had just recently gave the truck a complete overhaul ,missing one key component a quality seal to hold back the precious cream content that makes quality concrete we had tried several things nothing seemed to do a good job for us.We were definitely not meeting our personal standards or the standards of our franchise.
As luck would have it about a month ago this very lovely girl “Elisha Weir” took a chance and stopped by to see us and when she told me what she was offering it was like a light switched on in my head!! I’ll bet these people could help us out, well Elisha took some notes and said something I really appreciated “we will get you fixed up” not well we will try or see what we can do like so many say, that impressed the hell out of me!
So within no time at all Elisha from Allegheny York Co. gives me a courtesy call saying she had my custom made seal ready and even offered to deliver it to me! Upon delivery she explained the part what it was capable of what it was made of and even how how it was made. The packaging was even quality and a special thanks to “Aaron” from Allegheny York Co. for his excellent engineering skills, hit the nail on the head the first time very pleased.
They have our business! 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s for Allegheny York Co. and Elisha for her exceptional sales skills!
Much appreciation,
Wayde Beecher G.M
Penn-mar Wilbert burial vault co.

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