From a Wing & a Prayer to an AY Trust Fall

Recently, our sales manager spoke to a new AY Seal & Packing customer who AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVTAAAAJDI2NTY2YmJlLTUxNmYtNDgwYy1hZmJmLWM3ZWVlZTM3NzRmOArepairs German-built Liebherr cranes. Our new customer routinely tells his customers that he  reserves the right to amend his standard lead-times due to the unknowns he encounters when ordering seals from Liebherr. Our customer said that seal-kit lead-times for Liebherr vary dramatically and when they do arrive they are frequently incomplete, inaccurate, and very expensive.


He knew of us from previous experience. One day he had enough of occasionally trying to run his business on a wing and a prayer just because a Liebherr job walked thru his door. He decided to call AY Seal & Packing, and guess what happened next?



We had the Liebherr components he needed, on the shelf and at a fair price. We also have all the standard parts he uses all the time.

So another hydraulic repairer has learned to ‘Call Us First’ and is confident he can rely on AY to help his repair business be more productive and increase his own customer satisfaction!

New Seal kits are added to our inventory daily!

Check it out for yourself! 

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