the Pro’s & Con’s of Hydraulic ‘Stop-Leak’ Additives

Hydraulic ‘Stop-Leak’ Additives

You’ve got an old, expensive
(for you to replace) piece of equipment with a leaking hydraulic cylinder.
Should you try a ‘stop-leak’ additive instead of pulling the cylinder and
replacing the seals? Maybe. If it’s a log-splitter, then there’s little risk vs
big potential reward. But if the equipment is a truck crane, you’d better pull
the cylinder.

Most stop-leak products cause
the seals to swell, thus temporarily fixing your problem. And there are some
products that do this quite well, especially considering the modest investment.
But like everything else, there are some stop-leak products that probably
aren’t worth even the smallest cost.

However, even if the stop-leak
works as advertised, the root cause of the leak remains. So you need to decide:

  •  If a total failure
    occurs, what is at risk?
  • Do you expect the
    equipment to last much longer?
  • Is the leak a
    warning sign of worse things to come?
  • Can a cylinder
    refurbishment now save me money in the long run?

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